Water Well and Well Pump Services in Brown County, MN and surrounding areas

GrouterWhen you put your trust in Schaefer Well Company for water well drilling and well pump services, you’re getting more than 90 years of experience. Our capabilities span an entire gamut of well and pump services, giving you a peace of mind that’s unrivaled by other well drilling companies in Brown County, MN. Our services include:

  • Well drilling: We drill new wells for both residential and commercial sites, to help bring potable water to your home or facilities. We’re licensed for drilling by the Minnesota Department of Health.
  • Pump service and repair: We’re your foremost authority on well pump repair in Brown County, MN. Our experts are quick to assess well pump problems and can quickly provide solutions that restore function to these critical amenities.
  • DrillingWell sealing and abandonment: For environmentally-sound and properly-regulated well abandonment, we’re the experts to call. We take well sealing seriously and never cut corners when properly abandoning a well.
  • Complete water systems: If your home requires a complete water system installation, we’re the experts to deliver it. We can trench in new water lines, drill wells, install pumps and more to get the potable water flowing in your home.
  • Water lines: Our team can repair and replace water lines, ensuring yours are in optimal condition and functioning at their fullest capacity.
  • Backhoe service: We have backhoes available for trenching and minor excavation, enabling us to service your in-ground water lines and properly route any new lines being laid.
  • Water sampling: What’s in your water? We can tell you! We’ll collect a water sample from your well or potable water source, analyze it and provide you with a report of any contaminants so you can explore proper filtration and purification options.
  • Well inspections: Is your well’s casing in its best condition? Are there problems with your well cap? Through a well inspection in Brown County, MN, we can quickly pinpoint any problems and remedy them before they become major issues.

Schaefer Well Company delivers an unparalleled level of service when it comes to your water well—from initial drilling through the maintenance of the well and its pumping system. For any of the above services or for questions regarding your well, give us a call today at 507-354-2614.