Water Well Drilling & Well Pump Maintenance and Repair Services in Brown County, MN.

Since the beginning of time, civilizations have been built around water, because our lives depend on clean water for bathing, drinking, and cleaning. Thankfully, in our modern times, water is much easier to access as long as you have the right equipment and experience.

When you put your trust in Schaefer Well Company for water well drilling and well pump services, you’re getting more than 90 years of experience. Our capabilities span an entire gamut of well and pump services, giving you a peace of mind that’s unrivaled by other well drilling companies in Brown County, MN.

Schaefer Well Drilling rig set up and ready to begin drilling for water.

More Than 90 Years of Experience

Well Drilling

We drill new wells for both residential and commercial sites to help bring potable water to your home or business facilities. With our experience, we can provide a quality well that will serve you for years to come, if properly maintained. We’re licensed for drilling by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Pump Service & Repair

Your family deserves safe and clean water, and even a short disturbance in your water flow can make your day difficult. We’re your foremost authority on well pump repair. Our experts are quick to assess well pump problems and can provide solutions that restore function to these critical amenities. We are available 24/7 for emergency repairs.


We value our natural surroundings and want to keep Minnesota’s lands in good condition. When we drill wells and maintain water systems, we do everything we can to protect the water table from contaminates and overuse. We also take the necessary steps to ensure the water is safe for you and your family.

Schaefer Well Company delivers an unparalleled level of service when it comes to your water well.

From initial drilling to maintenance of the well and its pumping system to well abandonment, we are here to provide everything you need.